National Diet

National Diet Debuts album The Noon Hour at Turn Turn Turn

National Diet will release their debut album The Noon Hour with their debut performance! National Diet is the experimental/prog rock songwriting project of Jake Rose (Rainbow Face) with drummer/percussionist Connor Reilly (Rainbow Face, Mercury Tree, Nick Prol, etc.)

National Diet


Thursday, April 28th

8 pm Architects of Fiction (post-punk)

9 pm Ore. (psychedelic rock)

10 pm National Diet (prog rock)


Turn! Turn! Turn!

8 NE Killingsworth St. Portland, OR 97211

Jake never would have guessed that the pandemic would be the catalyst for his best work yet. It all started when he decided to record a few songs on my own. He had been wanting to write new music for a while, but he always felt like he didn’t have the time or resources. But suddenly, he had all the time in the world. So, he reached out to his drummer friend Connor Reilly and asked if he wanted to record some tracks with him. He was on board, and they had a blast recording in Colin Doherty’s Quartertone Studios. The whole experience made them realize that they could write and record whatever music I wanted. There were no rules or restrictions. And because of that, Jake was able to create his best work yet. But it didn’t stop there. The collaboration didn’t stop when the recording was done. His artist Vhilo brought his vision to life with his amazing artwork, and together, they created something truly special. And all of the amazing musicians that Jake worked with, including Ben Spees, Damon Flick, J.d. Davis, Oliver Grant Campbell, Anthony Medici, and Mustin Douch, and guest instrumentalists Nicole McCabe, Geoffrey McManus, Estefania Tapia, and Tricia Bogdan. Thank you, pandemic, for giving them the time and space to create their best work yet.

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