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Uke Concert and Play-along May 22nd in Corvallis OR

Corvallis Ukulele

A message from our friend Suz Doyle:

Come join the Merry Ukesters for a free uke concert and singalong/ play-along at the Old World Deli on May 22nd from 5 to 8 pm. There will be food, fun and plenty of ukuleles for everyone!

Date & Time

May 22nd, 2022

5-8 pm

Old World Deli

341 SW 2nd St

Corvallis, OR

The free Corvallis ukelele concert will be a great opportunity to enjoy some music with your friends. The Tin Can Alley Trio and the Wallop Sisters will be performing, and there will be plenty of time for everyone to join in the singalong/ playalong fun. So come on by the Old World Deli on May 22nd and enjoy a fun evening of music and food!

Please come on by with your ukes. First, enjoy some special luau food offered by the Deli on their dinner menu while watching the Tin Can Alley Trio, and then the Wallop Sisters. After that, break out your ukes and voices and join in the sing/ play-along fun! (We will call out chords and lyrics and keep the songs easy.) See poster for details! Hope to see you there!

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