Both Sides Now Ukulele Chords

Both Sides Now Ukulele Chords by Judy Collins

Both Sides Now by Judy Collins is a song about the different aspects of love. The song is about the happiness and sadness that come with love. It’s about the different changes that love can bring to someone’s life.

Judy Collins is a singer-songwriter who is known for her beautiful voice and her poetic lyrics. She has been performing since the 1960s and has released over 20 albums. Her songwriting has touched on many different subjects, including love, loss, and social injustice. Collins has also been involved in activism throughout her career, working to support causes such as environmentalism and animal rights. She is an inspiration to many people and continues to be a powerful voice in the music industry.

Here is the Both Sides Now ukulele PDF. It has the Bm chord listed as a Bm7 which is easier to play, since you can just bar the second fret.

Both Sides Now Chords

[G] [C] [G] [D] [G] [C] [G] [D]

[Verse 1]
[G]Bows and [Am]flows of [C]angel [G]hair
And [G]ice cream [Gmaj7]castles [C]in the [G]air
And [G]feather [C]canyons [Am]everywhere
I’ve [Am]looked at clouds that [D]way
But [G]now they [Am]only [C]block the [G]sun
They [G]rain and [Gmaj7]snow on [C]every[G]one
[G]So many [C]things I [Am]would have done
But [Am]clouds got in my [D]way

[Chorus 1]
I’ve [G]looked at clouds from [C]both sides [G]now
From [C]up and [G]down, and [C]still some-[G]how
It’s [Bm7]clouds i[C]llusions [G]I recall
I [G]really [C]don’t know [D]clouds at [G]all [C] [G] [C] [G] [C] [G] [C]

[Verse 2]
M[G]oons and J[Am]unes and fe[C]rris wh[G]eels
Th[G]e dizzy, [Gmaj7]dancing w[C]ay you f[G]eel
When [G]every f[C]airy tale comes [Am]real
I’ve [Am]looked at love that w[D]ay

But [G]now it’s [Am]just a-[C]nother s[G]how
Yo[G]u leave them [Gmaj7]laughing [C]when you [G]go

[G]And if you c[C]are don’t l[Am]et them know
[Am]Don’t give yourself a-[D]way

[Chorus 2]
I’ve [G]looked at love from [C]both sides [G]now
From [C]win and [G]lose and [C]still some-[G]how
It’s [Bm7]loves’ i[C]llusions [G]I recall
I [G]really [C]don’t know [D]love at al[G]l [C] [G] [C] [G] [C] [G] [C]

[Verse 3]
Te[G]ars and f[Am]ears and [C]feeling [G]proud
To [G]say, “I lo[Gmaj7]ve you” ri[C]ght out lo[G]ud
[G]Dreams and sche[C]mes and circus [Am]crowds
I’ve [Am]looked at life that [D]way
B[G]ut now old f[Am]riends are [C]acting [G]strange
T[G]hey shake their[Gmaj7] heads, they s[C]ay I’ve c[G]hanged
Bu[G]t something’s l[C]ost and som[Am]ething’s gained
[Am]In living every [D]day

[Chorus 3]
I’ve l[G]ooked at life from [C]both sides [G]now
From [C]win and l[G]ose and [C]still some-[G]how
It’s [Bm7]lifes’ i[C]llusions [G]I recall
I [G]really [C]don’t know [D]life, at [G]all [C] [G] [C] [G] [C] [G]

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