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If you’re a ukulele player looking for a fun and easy song to add to your repertoire, look no further than “Jane Says” by Jane’s Addiction. With just two simple chords, F and G, this song is perfect for beginners or anyone looking for a laid-back tune to strum along to. Not only is it easy to play, but the lyrics tell a compelling story that will draw you in from the first note. Let’s dive into why “Jane Says” is a great song for ukulele players and why you should add it to your playlist.

Jane Says with Two Chords, F and G

The beauty of “Jane Says” lies in its simplicity. With just two chords – F and G – even beginner ukulele players can pick up this song quickly and start playing along. The repetitive chord progression allows you to focus on the storytelling aspect of the song, following Jane’s journey as she navigates relationships and dreams of Spain. This makes it a great song for practicing chord transitions and strumming patterns while still feeling like you’re creating beautiful music.

In addition to being easy to play, the lyrics of “Jane Says” are captivating and relatable. Jane’s struggle with relationships, self-discovery, and longing for something more resonates with listeners on a deep level. Whether you’ve experienced similar emotions or simply appreciate well-crafted storytelling in music, “Jane Says” offers something for everyone. The raw emotion in Perry Farrell’s vocals paired with Dave Navarro’s haunting guitar riffs create a sonic landscape that pulls you in and keeps you engaged throughout the entire song.

Furthermore, “Jane Says” offers ukulele players the opportunity to experiment with their own unique style and interpretation of the song. While the original version by Jane’s Addiction has a distinct alternative rock sound, ukulele players can put their own spin on it by adjusting the tempo, strumming pattern, or vocal delivery. This flexibility allows you to make the song your own while still staying true to its essence.

Another reason why “Jane Says” is a great choice for ukulele players is its enduring popularity and timeless appeal. Released in 1988 as part of Jane’s Addiction’s debut album Nothing’s Shocking, this song has stood the test of time and continues to resonate with listeners across generations. By learning “Jane Says” on your ukulele, you’re not only adding a classic tune to your repertoire but also connecting with a piece of music history that has left a lasting impact on fans around the world.

Jane Says Easy Ukulele Chords

[F] [G] [F] [G]
[F] [G] [F] [G]
[Verse 1]
[F]Jane says[G]
I’m [F]done with Sergio[G]
[F] He [G]treats me like a [F]ragdoll[G]
[F]She hides[G]
The [F]telev[G]ision
[F] Says [G]I don’t owe him [F]noth[G]ing
[F]But if [G]he comes back again
[F] Tell him to [G]wait right here for me
[F] Or just [G]try again to[F]morr[G]ow

[F] I’m gonna kick [G]tomorrow
[F] Gonna kick [G]tomorrow

[F] [G] [F] [G]
[F] [G] [F] [G]

[Verse 2]
[F]Jane says[G]
Have you [F]seen my wig a[G]round?
[F] I f[G]eel naked with[F]out it[G]
[F]She knows[G]
They [F]all want her to [G]go
[F] But that’s [G]OK, man
She dont [F]like them any[G]way
[F]Jane says I’m [G]goin away to [F]Spain
When she [G]gets my money [F]saved

[G] I’m gonna start [F]tomorrow[G]

[F] I’m gonna kick [G]tomorrow
[F] Gonna kick [G]tomorrow

[F] [G] [F] [G]
[F] [G] [F] [G]
[F]She gets mad[G]
And she [F]starts to cry[G]
She [F]takes a [G]swing but
[F]She [F]cant [F]hit [G]
She don’t [F]mean no [G]harm
She [F]just don’t [G]know, don’t know
[F] What [G]else to do [F]about it[G]

[Verse 3]
[F]Jane goes[G]
[F]To the store at [G]eight
[F] She [G]walk up on St. [F]Andrews[G]
[F]She waits[G]
And [F]gets her dinner [G]there
[F] She [G]pulls her dinner [F]from her pock[G]et
[F]Jane says
I’ve [G]never been in [F]love
I [G]don’t know what it [F]is
Only [G]knows if someone [F]wants her

Jane Says Ukulele Chords Downloadable PDF


In conclusion, “Jane Says” by Jane’s Addiction is an excellent choice for ukulele players looking for an easy yet engaging song to play. With just two chords, F and G, this tune allows beginners to focus on storytelling through music while honing their skills on the instrument. The relatable lyrics, emotional vocals, and timeless appeal of “Jane Says” make it a must-have addition to any ukulele player’s playlist. So grab your ukulele, learn those chords, and get ready to kick tomorrow with “Jane Says.”

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