Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High on Ukulele: A Beginner’s Guide with Free Downloadable PDF


Hey there, my dear friend! Are you a John Denver fan who’s looking to play Rocky Mountain High on ukulele? Well, look no further because I’m here to guide you through it. This classic song has been a favorite of mine for years, and I’m excited to share why it’s such a fantastic tune to play on the uke. Let’s dive into the lyrics, why it’s a great song, and why it’s a ton of fun to play on the ukulele.

Why is Rocky Mountain High a great song?

Rocky Mountain High is a classic folk song that has been appreciated by generations. Its catchy melody, nostalgic lyrics, and smooth harmonies make it a great tune to play and sing along to. The song has a beautiful message about nature and exploring the unknown that resonates with people of all ages. The tune starts with a simple ukulele intro that immediately sets the mood and transports you to the Rocky Mountains.

Rocky Mountain High Colorado
Rocky Mountain High Colorado

What are the Rocky Mountain High lyrics about?

The lyrics of Rocky Mountain High are a celebration of nature and the beauty of the Rockies. The song talks about John Denver’s experiences and feelings as he travels through the mountains and experiences the sights, smells, and sounds of nature. The song talks about finding peace and joy in the mountains and the importance of preserving nature for future generations. The lyrics are simple yet profound, and they’re bound to resonate with anyone who’s spent time in the great outdoors.

Why it’s fun to play ukulele to Rocky Mountain High

Playing Rocky Mountain High on the ukulele is an absolute blast. The song is easy to play, as it only requires four chords. The chords used are D, Em7, G, and A, and they’re all beginner-friendly. The recording is in E major, so if you want to play along to the recording, you should add a capo on the second fret. I chose to put this song in D major since it’s a much easier key to play in, than trying to play the dreaded E major on ukulele. The song’s tempo is moderate, making it perfect for beginners to practice strumming and chord changes. This song is a great way to introduce yourself to fingerpicking, too. You can try picking the melody or playing along to the song’s chords. Moreover, the uke’s bright and upbeat tone perfectly complements the song’s happy vibe.

One of the best things about playing Rocky Mountain High on the ukulele is that it can be played solo or with friends. You can easily sing and strum along with the song, or play the melody while a friend plays the chords. It’s a perfect song to play around the campfire or with family and friends on a lazy afternoon.

Rocky Mountain High Ukulele Chords in Downloadable PDF

Rocky Mountain High Chords in Chordpro Format

[D] [Em7] [G] [A]
[D] [Em7] [G]

[Verse 1]
[A]He was [D]born in the summer of his [Em7]27th [C]year [A]
Comin’ [D]home to a place he’d never [Em7]been before [G] [A]
He left [D]yesterday behind him, you might [Em7]say he was born a[C]gain[A]
You might [D]say he found a key for every [Em7]door [G] [A]

[Verse 2]
When he [D]first came to the mountains his [Em7]life was far a[C]way [A]
On the [D]road and hangin’ by a s[Em7]ong [G] [A]
But the s[D]tring’s already broken and he [Em7]doesn’t really [C]care[A]
It keeps [D]changin’ fast and it don’t last for [Em7]long [G] [A]

But the [G]Colorado [A]rocky mountain [D]high [Dsus4] [D]
I’ve [G]seen it rainin’ [A]fire in the [D]sky [Dsus4] [D]
The [G]shadows from the [A]starlight are [D]softer than a lull—a—[G]bye
Rocky mountain [D]high (Colo[Em7]rado)
[G] Rocky [A]mountain [D]high (high in Colo[Em7]rado) [G] [A]

[Verse 3]
He [D]climbed cathedral mountains, he saw [Em7]silver clouds be[C]low [A]
He saw [D]everything as far as you can [Em7]see [G] [A]
And they [D]say that he got crazy once and he [Em7]tried to touch the [C]sun [A]
And he [D]lost a friend but kept the memo[Em7]ry [G] [A]

[Verse 4]
Now he [D]walks in quiet solitude the [Em7]forest and the [C]streams[A]
Seeking [D]grace in every step he [Em7]takes [G] [A]
His [D]sight has turned inside himself to [Em7]try and under[C]stand [A]
The [D]serenity of a clear blue mountain [Em7]lake [G] [A]

But the [G]Colorado [A]rocky mountain [D]high [Dsus4] [D]
I’ve [G]seen it rainin’ [A]fire in the [D]sky [Dsus4] [D]
Talk to [G]God and [A]listen to the [D]casual re–[G]ply
Rocky mountain [D]high (Colo[Em7]rado)
[G] Rocky [A]mountain [D]high (high in Colo[Em7]rado) [G] [A]

[Verse 5]
Now his [D]life is full of wonder but his [Em7]heart still knows some [C]fear [A]
Of a [D]simple thing he cannot compre[Em7]hend [G] [A]
Why they [D]try to tear the mountains down to [Em7]bring in a couple [C]more [A]
More [D]people, more scars upon the [Em7]land [G] [A]

But the [G]Colorado [A]rocky mountain [D]high [Dsus4] [D]
I’ve [G]seen it rainin’ [A]fire in the [D]sky [Dsus4] [D]
I [G]know he’d be a [A]poorer man if he [D]never saw an ea—–gle [G]fly
Rocky mountain [D]high
It’s a [G]Colorado [A]rocky mountain high[D] [Dsus4] [D]
I’ve [G]seen it rainin’ [A]fire in the [D]sky [Dsus4] [D]
[G]Friends around the [A]campfire and [D]everybo—-dy’s [G]high
Rocky mountain [D]high (high in Colo[Em7]rado) [G]
Rocky [A]mountain [D]high (high in Colo[Em7]rado) [G]
Rocky [A]mountain [D]high (high in Colo[Em7]rado) [G]
Rocky [A]mountain [D]high (high in Colo[Em7]rado) [G]
Rocky [A]mountain [D]high (high in Colo[Em7]rado)
Rocky [A]mountain [D]high (high in Colo[Em7]rado) [G] [A[Hold]] [D[Hold]]

Rocky Mountain High
Rocky Mountain High


In conclusion, Rocky Mountain High by John Denver is a timeless classic that translates beautifully on the ukulele. Its catchy melody, simple lyrics, and happy vibe make it a great tune to play and sing along to whether solo or with friends. The song’s message about nature and the beauty of exploring the unknown remains relevant even to this day. So pick up your ukulele and start playing the chords to Rocky Mountain High. You won’t regret it!

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